*FREE* 5 Day Beginner’s Yoga Challenge

Day 1: Flexibilty

Day 2: Balance

Day 3: Strength

Day 4: Combination

Day 5: Rest and Restore

April 10th – April 14th

Registration is OPEN: Sign Up Here!

Watch a short trailer HERE.

This 5 day “challenge” is designed for ALL levels of students, including beginners, but also for anyone looking to incorporate a daily yoga practice into their routine.

Recordings will be sent daily from April 10th – April 14th. Ideally, you will complete one video per day for the 5 days. However, I know life happens. You will have access to the recordings for 14 days once the challenge ends.

Each class is about 10 minutes long and I highly recommend choosing a time of day to complete the practice that is the SAME TIME each day. Consistency is key to buildng the habit of a daily practice.

While I know you will all be completing these classes at different times, I am 100% available to answer any questions along the way. Please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your yoga journey and I hope to see you on your mat soon 🙂


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