Online Video Library

We have over 150* classes recorded and available in our online video library. Classes are varying styles and lengths, and truly there is something for everyone.

These classes are FREE for anyone to use. Please contact us to complete a waiver and receive the password. Donations in any amount are accepted should you find these classes to be benefical.

*Not all classes are currently published on the main library site. For access to a specific group of class recordings, please contact us.

Class Video Catalogue:

Ten Days of Mindfulness Series

This ten day session was designed to assist practitioners in cultivating their own mindfulness practice. Using different breathing techniques, gradually increasing the length of the stillness portion, and giving journal prompts and refleciton ideas over the course of 10 days, students are offered many ways to create their own practice.

New Beginnings: 5 Day Challenge

This is a 5 day series designed for any level of practicioner that should be completed in order beginning with Day 1 and ending with Day 5. Ideally the 5 classes would be completed on 5 consecutive days.

Gentle / Restorative / Chair Yoga Classes

Express Flow Classes (30 minutes)

Mixed Level Vinaysa Flow (60 minutes)

Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow #1-35

These recordings are of the Wednesday morning class from January 2021 – August 2021. We worked our way through the primary series of the Ashtanga Yoga method, breaking down and workshopping 1 or 2 poses each week.

There are a few special classes in this series:

#12 — Locust, Bow, Camel, and Drop Backs — We explored other backbends not found in primary series, but helpful for balancing out strength and flexibility in the body.

#33 — Intro to Second Series — We explored “half intermediate” series, just investigating some of the different, and sometimes more complicated shapes found in second series.

#34 — Led Half Primary Series — This is a 90 minute class incorporating all of the postures from primary series thorugh boat pose, and ending with backbends and the closing sequence.

#34 — Led Half Primary Seres — Audio ONLY file of class #34.

Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow #36 and beyond:

These classes mark the beginning of the transition away from strictly primary series. Monthly themes vary.

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